The Return of the King

Sam rescues Frodo from the Orcs. After a brief confrontation in which Frodo becomes enraged that Sam has taken the Ring, Sam restores the Ring to Frodo. The two of them, dressed in scavenged Orc-armour, set off for Mount Doom, trailed by Gollum. They witness the plains of Mordor empty at the approach of the Armies of the West. As the Ring gets closer to its master, Frodo becomes progressively weaker as its influence grows. When they run out of water, they leave all unnecessary baggage behind to travel light. As they reach Mount Doom, Gollum reappears and attacks Frodo, who beats him back. While Sam fights with Gollum, Frodo enters the chasm in the volcano where Sauron forged the Ring. Here Frodo loses the will to destroy the Ring, and instead puts it on, claiming it for himself. Gollum pushes Sam aside and attacks the invisible Frodo, biting off his finger. As he dances around in elation, Gollum loses his balance and falls with the Ring into the fiery Cracks of Doom. The Ring is destroyed, and with it Sauron's power. Frodo and Sam are rescued by Gandalf and several Great Eagles as Mount Doom erupts.

After reuniting with the Fellowship and attending Aragorn's coronation as King of Gondor, the four hobbits return to the Shire. They find the entire Shire in a state of upheaval. Saruman's agents, both Hobbits and Men, have taken it over and started a destructive process of industrialization. Saruman governs the Shire in secret under the name of Sharkey until Frodo and his companions lead a rebellion and defeat the intruders. Even after Saruman attempts to stab Frodo, Frodo lets him go. Frodo and his companions restore the Shire to its prior state of peace and goodwill. Frodo never completely recovers from the physical, emotional, and psychological wounds he suffered during the quest to destroy the ring. Two years after the Ring was destroyed, Frodo and Bilbo as Ring-bearers are granted passage to Valinor, the earthly paradise where Frodo might find peace.